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Emami is one of the leading personal and healthcare businesses in India

• #1 in the cooling oil segment in Inia, KSA , UAE & Bangladesh with Navratna Oil

• #1 in the antiseptic cream segment in India & Russia with Boroplus

• #1 and pioneer in the fairness cream for men segment with Fair and Handsome

• #1 in the pain management category with Zandu balm, Mentho plus balm and Fast Relief

• #1 in Ayurvedic medicinal category with Keshking

• Navratna, Zandu Balm, Boroplus and Fair and Handsome are amongst India's 100 Most Trusted Brands (Brand Equity Survey)

• Total portfolio of over 300 diverse products

• 120 Emami products are sold every second across the world

• More than 60 countries where Emami products are sold

• Over 2900 direct distributors, covering every town in India with a population of over 20, 000

• More than 2000 frontline sales force

• 2900 employees

• 40 lac plusretails outlets selling Emami brands

• Around Rs 21200cr, market capitalization

• Rs 2624cr net revenue in 2015-16