Navratna Cool

Navratna Cool- Also known as 'Duniya ka sabse chota AC' Navratna Cool comes as a refreshing break in hot & sultry weather. Heat, sweat & body odour are the most common but yet unsolved problems that bring discomfort & frustrate our lives almost across the year in a predominantly hot and humid country. While regular talcs give only fragrance and fail to provide freshness, Navratna Cool's blend of mint and camphor with the goodness of essential herbs renders the desired cooling which keeps one vibrant and fresh throughout the day. Navratna Cool truly stands for the icy sensation in scorching summers protecting you from unbearable heat.

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• Navratna cool talc is available in 4 variants-
    o Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo
    o Navratna Cool Talc Floral Freeze
    o Navratna Cool Talc Mint Fresh
    o Navratna Cool Talc Sandal Freeze


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