Holistic living

At Emami, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms an integral part of the Company’s business activities, it is not philanthropy but purely voluntary - the Company does it beyond any statutory requirements or obligations.

Emami is a responsible corporate citizen, supporting activities related to the welfare of its employees and society. Emami is involved in corporate social responsibility through Emami Foundation and other charitable organizations. The Company’s CSR approach comprises medical services, education, community development, women empowerment and poverty alleviation, among others. An Organizing Committee evolved CSR guidelines, evaluated and monitored activities and planned macro-level CSR initiatives.

Under this Organizing Committee, sub-committees were created for enhanced attention to medical services, education and disaster relief, among others. At Emami, CSR extends beyond statutory obligations to sustainable socio-economic development. Ethical corporate behavior forms the basis of our CSR initiative. Hunger, diseases and ignorance are still the burning issues of modern times, despite growth in science; government budgetary resources are inadequate to mitigate suffering. The corporate world cannot afford to remain a mere onlooker when people are afflicted with hunger and malnutrition, diseases and physical infirmity and illiteracy. Emami has a long tradition in conducting philanthropic activities, supported by a professional outlook. An exercise is underway to integrate all such activities of Emami Group companies and Emami Foundation across healthcare, education, community development, women empowerment, livelihood creation and environment management segments.


Recognizing the vital role that education plays in ushering socio-economic change, Emami’s CSR activities comprise innovative programmes. Apart from providing financial support to various educational and academic institutions, Emami Foundation supports poor meritorious students through scholarships, books and computers, among others. Stipends are provided to unfortunate and physically challenged students; coaching is offered to students at the primary education level. Emami Foundation and units also provide funds for school renovation and maintenance.


Financially supported by Emami, Magan Shankar Foundation conducts eye camps, ayurvedic and homeopathic clinics, allopathic and dental camps at various locations .Magan Shankar Foundation organizes eye, ear and hernia operations and medical treatment camps. Emami Foundation conducts free/subsidized camps for the reversal of heart disease under the supervision of renowned heart specialist Dr. Bimal Chajjer. Donations are made to various healthcare organizations. Blood donation camps are organized by various Emami production units.

Emami Foundation has also donated ambulances to various hospitals. Emami National Institute for Bone Marrow Transplantation has been established at Bangalore under supervision of Dr Devi Shetty.

Women empowerment

Emami Limited partnered with an NGO to sponsor underprivileged girls from various parts of rural West Bengal. The fellowship programme enables them to rise to their potential through higher education and personalized guidance.

For the past many years, a fund has been set for rendering financial assistance for the marriage of the disadvantaged section of the society. During the last few years , the Company supported community marriages of over 100 couples. Besides, the Company helped in initial set up of their homes and provided funds for meeting household expenses.


Emami uses environment-friendly technologies and processes. Recycling, re-use of by-products are stressed upon; emissions are controlled. Research and development into cow dung and cow urine as well as the maintenance of goshalas were adopted.