About us

Vision, mission & purposeVision, mission & purpose

Vision, mission & purpose

Our Vision

Making people healthy and beautiful, naturally

Our mission

  • To contribute whole heartedly towards the environment and society integrating all our stakeholders into the Emami family
  • To make Emami synonymous with natural beauty and health in the consumers mind
  • To drive growth through quality and innovation in products and services.
  • To strengthen and foster in the employees, strong emotive feelings of oneness with the company through commitment to their future
  • To uphold the principles of corporate governance
  • To encourage decision making ability at all levels of the organization

We would strive

  • To be part of every household in the country
  • To be a major player in every product category we venture into
  • To be one of the most respected marketer in the country
  • To be recognized as a global brand