Navratna Cool Talc

Navratna Cool Talc - Enriched with the goodness of ingredients like menthol, the icy cool formula of Navratna Cool Talc gives instant cooling relief while its refreshing fragrance not only revitalizes your senses but also gives long lasting fragrance.

Navratna Cool Oil Navratna Extra Thanda Navratna Maxx Cool Talc Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil Navratna Therapy Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil Navratna Therapy Ayurvedic Stress relief Oil

• Navratna cool talc is available in 4 variants-
    o Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo
    o Navratna Cool Talc Floral Freeze
    o Navratna Cool Talc Mint Fresh
    o Navratna Cool Talc Sandal Freeze


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