Fair and Handsome Instant Radiance Face Wash™

In today’s cosmopolitan age, men have come to realise that personal grooming is a way of life. Male grooming has come a long way since the days of using just soaps and shampoos. However, for the need to admire one’s appearance and work on it, Fair and Handsome has introduced Instant Radiance Face Wash™ *.

A facewash that is best suited for tough, sweat prone male skin, is designed to deeply cleanse and provide instant radiance.

Designed by an International team of experts, Fair And Handsome Instant Radiance Facewash™ lightens up dull skin and provides cooling freshness. Your personality will get a huge makeover with Fair And Handsome Instant Radiance Face Wash™ as it works with Pro Peptide™ technology which deep cleanses pollutants and Vitamin B3, which helps give instant radiant appearance.

Fair and Handsome Long Lasting Radiance Cream Fair and Handsome 100% Oil Clear Instant Radiance Face Wash™

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