Fair and Handsome Laser 12

In collaboration with Technology Leaders, Fair and Handsome, the No. 1 Fairness Brand for Men, brings to you its best ever LASER 12 ADVANCED WHITENING + MULTI-BENEFIT CREAM- a premium and pioneering formulation, designed for men’s tough skin. This has a unique LASER ACTION TECHNOLOGY that helps transform the face, delivering 12 powerful benefits.


Product Timeline:

10 Seconds:
       1. Instant Brighter Look
       2. Uniform Matte Finish

01 Minute:
       3. Revitalised Fresh Skin
       4. Moisturisation

08 Hours:
       5. Oil-Free Look
       6. Radiant Fairness
       7. Non-Sticky Feel

04 Weeks:
       8. Spot-Less Appearance
       9. Tan-Free Look
      10. Refined Skin Texture

06 Weeks:
      11. Reduced Marks and Blemishes
      12. Even Tone

Fair and Handsome Long Lasting Radiance Cream Fair and Handsome Instant Radiance Face Wash™ Fair and Handsome 100% Oil Clear Instant Radiance Face Wash™

Fair And Handsome LASER 12 Advanced Whitening + Multi-Benefit Cream has a unique LASER ACTION TECHNOLOGY that combines 3 Precise, Powerful system, working in tandem to deliver intense whitening of the face through targeted action.

ADVANCED WHITENING COMPLEX™: Acts on melanin production at source, reducing its level, to deliver intense whitening action.

ADVANCED REJUVENATION COMPLEX™: Its Mattifier System fights with excessive oil to give a perfect fresh, bright and rejuvenated look.

SKIN REFINEMENT COMPLEX™:The high power formula is designed with mild exfoliants such as BHA & AHA that work with the skin texture refining it gently to reveal even skin tone and overall refined skin texture.

The pioneering formulation of Fair And Handsome Laser 12 is specially designed for men’s tough skin that helps transform the face by delivering 12 powerful benefits, making men look their handsome best!

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