HE Active Extreme


HE Active Extreme Perfumed Body Spray 150ml for Today's Active Men, 24 Hour Odor Protection* 99% Germ Free up to 24 hours#.


Whether you work out every day, work long shifts standing all day or generally spend most of your day on-the-go, there's a good chance you spend a lot of time surrounded by other people. And that's exactly why your body odor needs to be under control—no one wants to be around someone with swamp pits.



HE Extreme body deodorant helps with just that. It eliminates smells caused by bacteria that form in your moist underarms. It is a specially curated fragrance for the young dynamo, who lives life on the edge and for whom mountains are a metaphor. Its bacteria fighting technology keeps you odour free for up to 24 hrs that comes with a perfect combination of citric, aromatic and oriental fragrance families.


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