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Fair And Handsome Long Lasting Radiance Cream - the ultimate solution for men's skincare!

Through pioneering research by skin care experts from India and Australia, Fair And Handsome has developed a breakthrough formulation for tough male skin - the Long Lasting Radiance CreamTM for men. Powered by a unique Pro PeptideTM, it helps transform men's tough skin and deliver long lasting radiance.

Men are always on the move, exposed to the sun, pollution and other irritants. These external factors have an impact on their face and skin health. Moreover, men’s skin is 20% thicker as compared to women’s skin, sweats more and secretes more oil.

With an understanding of the challenges faced by today’s men in their daily lives, the International experts of Fair And Handsome have designed Fair And Handsome Long Lasting Radiance CreamTM that gives:

icon Upto 7 Hours Brighter Look
icon Upto 2X Dark Spot Reduction
icon Visible radiance in 1 week

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