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Emami Mentho Plus Balm

Emami Mentho Plus Balm is a specialist in providing relief from 10 kinds of headache*.

Consumer studies show, headaches have various reasons, like exposure to sun, cold, lack of sleep, tension , stress, anxiety etc. Headache usually strikes quickly, without warning.

 *Symptomatic Relief

icon Pudina Ka Phool: Effective in congestive headache, used as a mild anaesthetic. Its extract is also a natural pain killer. It soothes stressed muscles and relieves mental fatigue. It also has anti inflammatory properties that act on acute or chronic inflammation.
icon Gaultheria Ka Tel: Effective against different types of muscular pain.
icon Nilgiri Ka Tel: Anti-inflammatory. It is a powerful anti-septic and decongestant that alleviates inflammation, rheumatism, muscular aches, pain and fibrasitis. It is an effective local painkiller, specially for nerve pains.
icon Lavang Ka Tel: Relieves pain, counter irritant. It smoothens muscle tissues and has local stimulating effects that treat swellings.
icon Karpoor: Effective against sprains and muscular pain. It is a natural effective anti-septic pain reliever. It alleviates muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
icon Tarpin Ka Tel: Effective against different types of neuralgic pain. It is valued for its ability to stimulate the circulation and relax the nervous system and for having the tonic effect on the whole body.
icon Ajowan Ka Phool: Effective against muscular pain. Its oil has anti-rheumatic and anti-toxic properties that are beneficial in treating arthritis and gout.
icon Surasar: Vitalises skin

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