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Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil

Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil, an all-natural hair oil infused with the goodness of 9 powerful herbs and 24 karat gold. This premium hair oil is specially formulated to provide you with nourished, healthy and strong hair.

icon Prevents Hairfall and Promotes Hair Growth: The blend of Ayurvedic herbs in Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil nourishes the hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth.
icon Relieves Stress: The soothing aroma of Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil helps to relieve stress and fatigue, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
icon Provides Shine and Luster: Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Oil contains 24 karat gold, which provides shine and luster to your hair, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

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