Emami’s Life Changing CSR Initiatives


At Emami, we believe that responsible corporate citizenship is about extending corporate prosperity to community welfare by integrating CSR with the business from a long-term sustainability perspective. During the Covid pandemic, Emami has been actively engaged with the community in making a difference to their lives by providing them timely and value-added services to ensure societal prosperity and economic wellbeing. 

Emami CSR’s community-based approach has always been built around ‘Learning from the Community’, ‘Planning with the Community’ and ‘Working for the Community’, resulting in a positive difference across lakhs of lives.

Emami’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) builds a dynamic relationship between Emami on one hand and the society and environment on the other. CSR of Emami is traditionally driven by a moral obligation and philanthropic spirit. Over time it has become an integral part of the business from a business sustainability perspective. Emami has been engaged in charities and philanthropic activities, along with several others social activities. The key objective of Emami is to promote education, fight against hunger, provide medical relief and help in combating chronic disease and addressing environmental issues. Corporate Social Responsibility of Emami is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.

The CSR policy of Emami encompasses the Company’s philosophy for delivering its responsibility as a corporate citizen keeping in mind the company’s business ethics and to comply with the requirements of required legislation. The CSR Policy of Emami applies to all CSR initiatives and activities taken up at the various locations of the Company, for the benefit of different segments of the society, specifically the deprived, under-privileged and differently abled persons.

CSR Initiatives & Activities during FY 2020-21

Educating the Deserving & Needy Students

  • Provided Financial Aids & Education Material Support to 290 underprivileged and needy students in Secondary & Higher Secondary Education.
  • As the schools were closed during the Covid period, there was a greater need for Textbooks to be given to the students from Class IX to XII for self-study.  More than 170 students were supported with textbooks during the Covid affected period.
  • Provided support to slum dwellers in Chennai through evening school for slum students.
  • Provided support to operate 75 one-teacher schools (Ekal Vidyalaya) catering to a total of 2,055 students at South Dinajpur, Jalpaiguri and Malda districts of West Bengal.
  • Started new age skill development courses at the newly set up 48B M. R. Babu St CSR Centre.

Building Health & Education Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Support for Education & Skill Development Institute at 48B Muktaram Babu St CSR centre in Kolkata and other educational institutions.
  • Provided infrastructure support for building a high-end Health Centre and Clinic at 48B Muktaram Babu St. CSR centre in Kolkata.
  • Provided medical infrastructure to Kolkata hospitals for the treatment of underprivileged and Covid-19 patients. 

Skill Development for Livelihood Opportunities

  • Provided skilling and support to 450+ underprivileged youths in Kolkata in various vocational trades through the CSR Skill Development centres operating under Emami Foundation.
  • Provided support for Skill Development and Soft Skill Training in slums of Chennai.

Democratization of Healthcare - Ensuring Health for All

  • Funded the treatment of underprivileged patients by providing 381 number of financial aids to patients who needed urgent & emergency medical intervention in life threatening situations.
  • Operated and managed Outpatient Department Clinics along with Ayurveda based “Telemedicine services” during Covid-19 pandemic benefitting 33,819 beneficiaries in Kolkata, Haripal & Sundarbans.
  • Diabetes Screening & Baseline Study of Diabetes prevalence rates through Diabetes Camp at 48B Muktaram Babu St CSR centre in Kolkata for early identification and early Intervention of 40 years plus (at-risk population) to prevent future diabetes related complications and ensure better Diabetes care & management & Baseline Study of Diabetes prevalence rate.

Community Development

  • Supported towards setting up Community Libraries in Chennai.
  • Supported the Promotion of Art, Culture and Sports.
  • Contributed towards rescue and rehabilitation of 215 vulnerable people from the streets of Kolkata and suburbs from different challenging situations.
  • Home rebuilding support during Amphan cyclone by providing Tarpulin for rebuilding homes in Contai & Khejuri coastal areas of East Midnapore, West Bengal.
  • Provided food and supplements under the Hunger Mitigation Program in and around Emami factory units across India and Kolkata & suburbs reaching out to the poor & needy.
  • Supported for operating Vetenary Clinics for animal protection in Kolkata.

Covid-19 Relief Services

  • Provided support to 1500 people during Covid-19 pandemic in villages of Masat & Dongri area.
  • Provided infrastructure support to 2 Hospital in Kolkata.
  • Set up of Helpline during the lockdown period for the 75+ Elders and the Senior Citizens to provide doorstep delivery of essential items like dry ration and medicines in the city and surrounding (in association with Vishwa Jagriti Mission members) in April & May 2020 - Help provided to around 1500 people.
  • Sanitization of 20+ Emami Foundation supported schools’ post lockdown period.

E- Learning / Online Education Services

  • Provided support in online learning and e-learning using virtual platforms for the After School Support Program covering 150+ students in Kolkata & Haripal.
  • Formation of Students WhatsApp groups for assignment-based learnings through Emami Foundation centres
  • Set up of Digital Infrastructure at the Emami Foundation CSR Service Centres consisting of Smart Classrooms with large screen TV and accessories and set up of Teacher’s Studio at Teacher’s Home & CSR Service Centres
  • Bridging the Digital Divide – Data support and soft loans for Smart Phones.
  • Use of You Tube Channels for implementing Hub & Spoke Models.
  • Hybrid model of After School Support Programme post Lockdown period – Virtual Online Classes Plus Physical doubt clearing sessions.

Ayurveda Telehealth Services

  • Amidst the Covid 19, Emami CSR launched an innovative Ayurveda based 'Telehealth' pilot project to cater to the healthcare needs of people in the remote villages of Haripal, Hooghly (WB, India).
  • Aided by mobile connectivity and communication technologies, it ensured zero physical contact Teleconsultations between the Doctor and the patient through use of clinical decision support systems and symptomatic questionnaires in the process of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.